Marc Legay

Developer - Admin sys


C/C++, Objective-C (Cocoa), Python, PHP
HTML5, CSS/JS, SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite).
Basics: ASM x86, Java, D, Ruby

GNU/Linux: DNS, Apache, Nginx, FTP, SSH, VNC, iptables, scripting (Shell, Python)
Networking: OSI model, TCP/IP, router/switch administration, vlans, vtp...

Wifi, VPN, iptables, unix users, cryptography, buffer overflow, fromat string...

Cisco CCNA 4


SUPINFO International University

  • Master 2
  • 5 years studies

Scientific Baccalauréat (high school degree) - math speciality with Honours

  • English, Spanish


Zelty - startup

  • CTO
  • Creation of a POS software
  • iOS software with cloud synchronization

Agora-Motion - auto-entrepreneur

  • Web and Mobile developpement
  • Project management

Music application for iPad and iPhone (in progress)

Website development (PHP, WordPress)

Hotel booking website (PHP, eZPublish)

CheckMyMetro - iPhone application

  • Whole redesign of the application

Indri - auto-entrepreneur

  • Auto-entrepreneur status declaration
  • iOS application development (iPhone and iPad), with an associate

Maecia - web agency

  • "Web Communautaire" development
  • Web projects with eZ Publish and Joomla
  • Administration of linux servers

xWiki - web agency

  • "web2child" development

Les Explorateurs du Web

  • Implementation of the web site under WordPress
  • Creation of an rss aggregator as a WordPress extension
  • Creation of web forms (with PHP/MySQL)
  • Web server maintenance (SSH and Plesk management)


  • Web design integration for many websites
  • PHP module development

Personal projects

An RC car with bluetooth from an iPhone. Based on Arduino.

An iPhone application showing bikes availabilities for the Velib' service in Paris (also available for 20 other cities). (Objective-C)

Bomberman-like game. (C++, SDL, cross-platform)

Offline iPhone application for route calculation in the Paris subway. (Objective-C)
And the webapp version (python)

Parser/calculator of math string. Added to the dmenu app launcher. (C)

Personal CMS (PHP)

Editor for the XiT CMS (pure javascript, without any framework)


Bomberguy Bomberguy is a bomberman-like game. It can be played solo or multi and there is a map editor.
Technologies: C++, SDL
Univélo Univélo is an iPhone/iPad app showing bike availabilities
of the Velib' service in Paris (bike sharing service).
Also available in 20 other cities.
Technologies: Objective-C, C, sqlite, PostgreSQL, JSON
Mais Trop ! Mais Trop ! is an offline iPhone app that calculate your route in the Paris subway.
Technologies: Objective-C, C, sqlite, XML
Feelingtehotels Feelinghotels is an hotel booking service website. And also a magazine about luxurious hotels in Paris.
Technologies: eZ Publish, PHP/MySQL, XHTML/CSS3, JS (mootools), XML
wysiwyg WYSIWYG editor in pure JS for my XiT CMS.
Technologies: JS, XHTML/CSS
HydeCar Bluetooth RC car based on Arduino. RC by an iOS app.
Technologies: C++, Objective-C, electronics